GW-EN and GGB Raising Money for MS

The Gamer’s Giving Back Toga Party has been an in-game event for Guild Wars players since 2009. It first started out as an event just for fun and later it was turned into an actual fund raiser for Multiple Sclerosis in 2010. You can read all about the events history on the Gamer’s Giving Back page by checking out their home page. The GW-EN Krew as we are known in Guild Wars has raised several thousand dollars for this cause since then and is still going strong in both Guild Wars I and Guild Wars 2. We are a hodge-podge group of gamers who have come together to help raise money for real life charities and enjoy what we like to do best and that is game after the work day is done. Sometimes people confuse GW-EN and Gamer’s Giving Back but we’re all the same Krew. GW-EN is just our radio station where we broad cast music and interact with the community on-air and in-game.

Gamer’s Giving Back is the actual fund raising part of everything we do and on April 19th we will once again be visiting the Guild Wars Community to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. The Krew has always come up with awesome in-game and real life prizes for this event and the Guild Wars community has always been amazingly helpful. We have had entire guilds help raise lots of prizes for the players in-game and volunteers to donate prizes in real life as well. The Toga Party itself has always been a great way to have fun with the gaming community. The Krew hopes to see the community once again show its support by coming out and taking part in the event. You can simply join us in-game for the fun, donate to the MS Society, take part in an MS walk within your own community, or simply let others know and help us bring awareness of these events and this disease to more people. Some of the Community has already started and they have a message for everyone.

The founder and owner of both GW-EN and Gamer’s Giving Back is indeed a special person in the Guild Wars Community. She has organized many of these events with her Krew and the players of the Guild Wars community and the charities they support have all been beneficiaries of their work. Rhonda’s mother suffers from MS so this event holds a special place in our hearts. Nothing could be more rewarding then doing what you enjoy while seeing it help others. Gamers are not just kids sitting around at home playing silly games and the GW-EN Krew has proven that many times over. Take a look at what we were able to do in 2012.

With the launch of Guild Wars 2 we have brought this event to even more players through this MMO. We would like to see more servers and players become aware of what it is we support and what we are all about. Listen to GW-EN and check out our radio streams. Visit our web sites and help make this year’s 2014 Toga Party the best one yet!

- Written by The Lazy Geek