Final Fight Marathon for the Canadian Cancer Society

During the 2013 Extra Life! Marathon

During the 2013 Extra Life! Marathon

What happens when a love of gaming, funny stunts, and helping others collide?


You get the Final Fight! Marathon, a monthly 24-hour streamed gaming marathon with a different cause every month.


Final Flight! started when Nick Lamont joined good friend Gerry Drouillard’s team for Extra Life 2013. Nick, having a bigger house with more games, elected to host the event, which quickly became a live streamed success, raising over $1300 for Children’s Miracle Network. And since then, Lamont has been hooked.


Each month sees Lamont supporting a different cause– thus far, he has supported research into Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart and Stroke, and Juvenile Diabetes. For his May charity, he has selected the Canadian Cancer Society, a charity whose cause hits home for almost all of us. When asked about his charity choice, Lamont said “well, I mean I have four family members fighting cancer right now; everyone I know knows someone who is fighting. Why not support a cause that is so desperately needed in every day life”?

But why through games? Gaming has been a passion for Lamont for most of his life; having played since about age 3, and growing up with two older, game-loving brothers, really shaped the way he views and enjoys games. He began to collect games, and became an avid game collector around age 19. To date, Lamont has collected over 500 console games, 6 hand held consoles (including a Virtual Boy), 9 stand-alone consoles, and also plays and collects PC titles.

In addition to simply streaming for chairty, Lamont offers incentives; while in the past, these have ranged from gaming in costume, to hair cuts and dye jobs (including on his rather unwilling girlfriend) all performed live on stream, he enjoys making sure that donators get their money’s worth. His goal for this month is $300 dollars, and for each milestone, he has something to offer: (taken from

Every $100: One 2-3 Hour stream session or full game run through.

$100: Skull Onesies for the entire session, as well as Mario Hat.

$200: Next stream will be viewers choice. Any games you guys wish to see will be played.

$300 Goal: I will shave my head. This time, I will be bald. This will not be done on stream, but I will get a video and pictures after it has happened.

Want to help? You can tune in live, starting at 8 AM EST/ 1 PM GMT on May 31st, 2014; the stream runs until 8 AM EST/1 PM GMT June 1st.

You can donate through his page on the Canadian Cancer Society website, too: every dollar makes a difference, and could even have funny results!

Finally, you can share his facebook page, and get the word out.

Help Nick Lamont help others, and make this fight the Final Fight.