Iron Man Mode’s Grand Fundraiser Finale

While the banner may say “worst charity marathon idea EVER” I must respectfully disagree. Over the years, Iron Man Mode has been running a number of charity marathons to help raise funds for Child’s Play. This one will be no different, except that it will be the last (for now). The grand finale to years of charity donations and gaming humour, all of which is to end in the captain’s seat of an airplane. This video will explain more:

As stated in the video, the next three days (starting TODAY at 9PM GMT) will see Zeke Iddon simulate a trip around the world to the best of his abilities (or lack thereof) in the seat of an aircraft on the X Plane 10 Global professional flight simulator. All of this, what can only be described as “high-flying madness” will be for the benefit of Child’s Play as well as a nice send-off for Iron Man Mode as the site goes into deep hibernation. Iddon is looking to hit a $2000 donation mark, which you can donate to using the widget just below! You should also check out Zeke’s post over on the Iron Man Mode’s blog which happens to be filled with a little FAQ and everything you might need to help spread the word about the daring feat he will attempt to pull-off. And, of course, it’s highly suggested that you stop by the stream to give the ace pilot some words of encouragement.

We at Gamer’s Giving Back look forward to the marathon, and wish Zeke and the Iron Man Mode crew good luck and happy trails (with the hopes of IMM coming out of “hibernation” soon!)

Zeke Iddon telling you to come watch him fly arou8nd the world!