Quaggan Waddle for Pink Day!

Aura and Poowulpi preparing for the Quaggan Waddle

The best time of year is finally upon us; the leaves are turning, there’s a crisp chill in the air, everything smells like campfires and pumpkin spice…

…oh, and it’s time to have Pink Day in LA again! The big day itself is only a month away, and we’ve created a new event to help us kick off the fundraising that combines our favourite colour here at Gamers Giving Back (pink, of course) with the best race in all of Tyria:


Allie, our friendly neighbourhood Marketing Manager and (self-appointed) Queen of the Quaggans will be undertaking a quest of epic proportions in the name of Pink Day awareness; starting in Rata Sum (in Guild Wars 2) on Saturday, September 27th, armed only with a Everlasting Pink Quaggan Tonic and (mini-pet) Poowulpi the Persnickitous, she will waddle across Tyria from Rata Sum to Ebonhawke spreading word of the Pink Day cause and rallying the troops for the best Pink Day season ever.

Want to join in on the fun? Meet up with Allie (Aura Cacia, Allie.4137) at Magicat Waypoint in Rata Sum and waddle with her! Also, you can tune in to the Twitch stream of the whole event– and share it with your friends and family– or you can donate to the cause and help us kick off the fundraising this year!

Also, bring crab cakes. I heard quaggans like crab cakes.