Pink Day Fast Facts — Who is the Canadian Cancer Society?

As we head into the fall, it’s time to get amped up for this year’s Pink Day in LA! All of us at GW-EN and Gamers Giving Back want you to get involved, and to know as much about what Pink Day in LA is about, as well as the cause Pink Day supports, the Canadian Cancer Society!

In an effort to help you learn as much as possible about the event before October 17th, we’re going to bring you periodic posts of fast facts; facts about the Pink Day event and its history, facts about the Canadian Cancer Society, and facts about cancer itself, in all its many forms.

Who is the Canadian Cancer Society?

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A Brief History

  • -The Canadian Cancer Society was officially formed in 1938; however, the first cancer-fighting committee was formed in Saskatchewan in 1929!
  • -This committee was formed in response to a growing concern about cancer diagnosis and awareness; by the time most people were aware of their illness and sought diagnosis, the cancer was already too advanced to treat.
  • -In 1935, the 25th anniversary of the Coronation of King George V, Canadians were encouraged to donate to the King George V’s Silver Jubilee Cancer Fund as a way of celebration.
  • -During the early years of the CCS, the majority of their funding came from an annual grant from the Canadian Medical Association, based on interest from the King George V Jubilee Cancer Fund.
  • -In 1947, the National Cancer Institute of Canada was formed. Now known as the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, the CCS and the CCSRI work together, though independent bodies, to improve the lives of Canadians both fighting cancer and before cancer hits through promoting prevention, screening, healthy lifestyles, and methods of fighting cancer.

What does the Canadian Cancer Society do?

Okay, but where does the money go? How much of the donations does the Canadian Cancer Society spend on actually supporting cancer patients and programs? all information in this section taken from the 2014/2015 Annual Report. All funds quoted are in CAD.

  • -Of the $194 million the Canadian Cancer Society received last year in donations, corporate gifts, lotteries and special events, $122 Million (63%) went directly to their mission; $64 million towards fundraising (33%); and finally, $8 million towards administration (4%), including the rent and maintenance of properties, salaries for paid staff, legal fees, etc.
  • -Of the $122 million that went directly to the Canadian Cancer Society’s mission, $44 million went to research, $70 to the programs, resources, services and information they promote and support; and $8 million to advocacy.
  • -The 2014 Relay for Life alone raised $42.3 million!

How can I get involved?

Together, we can make cancer history. How will you help?