Volunteer Meeting – Pink Day in LA


Pink Day in LA is just around the corner! With that, we are starting to plan the event! Join us on August 14th at 2pm Central on GW-EN Teamspeak to find out how you and/or your guild can get involved! This event is open to both NA and EU players. So the more volunteers, the better the event. We will also be planning the Quaggan Waddle and hearing from players from other video games that are taking on the Pink Challenge!

For more information about this meeting or to get the Teamspeak information please do no hesitate to contact Rhonda at :

Twitter: @barbie1337

Email : rhonda@gw-en.com

Guild Wars 2 IGN: Yailith.4056

or fill out this form here:

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SAVE the DATE!  Pink Day in LA is officially on October 22nd this year! 

Remember that you can make a difference – one gamer at a time.