The original idea behind the creation of Gamers Giving Back was, quite literally, to create a way for gamers to give back to the global community through online gaming. Gamers spend money not just on the games they play, but subscriptions fees as well. If just a portion of that went towards a charity, there would no doubt be a huge impact. Gamers Giving Back started to work towards that idea by hosting annual fund-raising events within the video games we all play and love. Events such as “Pink Day in LA” to support breast cancer awareness, the “Toga Party for M.S” to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society and a few other smaller events.


To us, awareness is just as important as fund-raising. Sharing information and spreading the word. By using platforms such as video games and social media sites to do so, we can appeal to a larger community. Highlighting issues that people may not be so familar with, gaining a wider understanding, learning, and ultimately seeing what we can do to change and eventually, make a difference. Not everyone is in the position to donate money but you can always donate your time and energy which is just as valuable as a contribution.


We are not fixated on the causes that are important to the individuals involved in volunteering with the Gamers Giving Back group. We also want to give other gamers a place to share what is important to them. Inviting anyone who wishes to talk about a certain charity or subject to do so. Trying to find new ways not only to fundraise and spread awareness, but also new ways to support others with their own projects. It’s not about us as a group, it’s about everyone and anyone who wishes to get involved. It’s about developing as a community at every given opportunity and doing more than any one person can do alone. Together we can help make a difference. One gamer at a time.

● GW-EN + GGB = <3

The Gaming World Entertainment Network radio stream is another great way to inform listeners of upcoming events while also providing a fun and entertaining environment! The synergy between both Gamers Giving Back and GW-EN allows more information about charity events to flow to more people in a number of ways. Be it listening to the GW-EN radio stream, reading the GGB twitter or facebook page, or visiting either website, you’ll be sure to have the most up-to-date information of events such as Extra Life, the MS Walk, and many more!